Kids Cafe Bangkok

Enter To Play, Leave To Discover

How to play
  1. Place shoes in any available locker

  2. Deposit locker key at the counter and get your number

  3. Wear socks, preferably “Non-Slip socks” (Can be purchased at the site)

  4. Enjoy the playground and cafe

คาเฟ่เด็ก Babble Space KidsCafe จัดงานวันเกิดเด็ก จัดงานวันเกิดลูก Private Party

Please kindly read our guidelines in order to enjoy and collect the most wonderful 

experience entering our play area at Babble Space Luxury KidsCafe

Kids Cafe Bangna



  • 1. The playground is only for babies and children below 11 years of age (we might ask for ID)

  • 2. Please store shoes in the lockers

  • 3. Everyone must wear socks for hygiene reasons

  • 4. All children must be accompanied by an adult (over 15 years old)

  • 5. We are not responsible for any injuries occurred under a guardian’s supervision Cafe for kids Bangkok

Follow Our

  • 6. We restrict the entrance of kids/adults with symptoms of fever  or illness (coughing, runny nose, etc.)

  • 7. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal belonging left unattended

  • 8. No outside food or drinks allowed (with the exception of baby food)

  • 9. Strictly No Eating/Drinking in play areas for hygienic reasons

  • 10. Do not bring personal toys inside our cafe.


  •  11. Respect and play nicely with other friends

  • 12. No running /jumping/ climbing dangerously

  • 13. Guests will be charged for damages made to the facility or toys.

  • 14. Please change diapers only in the diaper changing room

  • 15. We reserve the right to remove you from the facility if you fail to follow the above regulations

  • Please play with your own risk. The shop is not responsible for any injury.  Restaurant for Kids

At Babble Space Kids Cafe

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