# 1 The most wonderful kids' cafe that designed for child development

Ready for you to be franchise ownership now.

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The franchise for "free"

For Babble Space Kids Cafe, we want our partners to build strong brands together. No need to pay for franchise fees, only pay for Loyalty fees 10% in the first 3 years and then reduce to 5% during the term of the contract as a brand marketing management fee. We created Babble Space for the purpose of listing, therefore, every partner must have a proportion of shares of 10:90, which means that MCN Consulting Company Limited will have 10% shares, and the investor partner will have 90% of the shares to be able to systematically enter the stock market in the future. In addition, the parent company will manage accounting for all partners

#คาเฟ่เด็ก #คิดส์คาเฟ่บางนา #คาเฟ่เด็กบางนา #BabbleSpaceKidsCafe

Low investment

The investment for Babble Space Kids Cafe is divided into rental fees and deposit of premises to build a cafe about 3,000,000 baht, construction cost 2,500,000 baht, decoration and toys cost 500,000 baht, which total 3,000,000 baht. If our partner has not registered a company yet, there will be an additional company registration fee of 15,000 baht. Only these simple steps, you can become a business owner and start a business with us easily.

#คาเฟ่เด็ก #คิดส์คาเฟ่บางนา #คาเฟ่เด็กบางนา #BabbleSpaceKidsCafe

Our policy is 1 branch per 1 province only

The policy of Babble Space Kids Cafe is clear for not competing with each other, so we allow each partner to open only 1 branch 1 province and cannot open more than 1 branch in the same province. If the partner has opened in all major provinces, they can also expand their branches overseas.

#คาเฟ่เด็ก #คิดส์คาเฟ่บางนา #คาเฟ่เด็กบางนา #BabbleSpaceKidsCafe

Wonderful design

Babble Space Kids Cafe is designed by an excellent designer team that takes the children's developmental needs first. After that, we choose materials that are strong, durable and safe for children. Also every toy, wood, sand, slider, ball pits, or even playhouse, we choose from well-known brands around the world and are durable too. In addition, our construction team can finish construction work within 1 and a half months, which makes our cafe to open quickly and you can realize revenue faster as well.

#คาเฟ่เด็ก #คิดส์คาเฟ่บางนา #คาเฟ่เด็กบางนา #BabbleSpaceKidsCafe

Management system

Babble Space Kids Cafe really needs a manager who really loves this business. Dr. Benz is ready to teach one-on-one management to all of our partners. We also take into account all aspects of management, including efficient human resource management, stock management, accounting systems, and staff training, which enable all employees to work at maximum efficiency in a short time.

Strong brand and excellent Executive

Babble Space Kids Cafe was created by Dr. Rattanaporn Choklap who was inspired by her 1-year-old son who needs a lot of space, a clean place to have fun playing and spend precious time with parents, backing home without illness, and is a place that has regular cleaning, which is not yet in Thailand. Therefore, the Babble Space Kids Cafe created by the concept that if a mother is happy, the house will be happy too. From this concept, our kid's cafe is both clean, safe, and is a place to make truly smiles and happiness. We want to distribute this happiness throughout the country and around the world, not just in Thailand. Let's be a part of creating happiness for Thai people together.

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