All food and drinks are healthy, Low Kcal

lots of nutrition and not least yummy

Kids Cafe Bangkok

At Babble Space Luxury KidsCafe

Everyone is welcome at Babble Space Luxury KidsCafe, we can offer coffees, lunches, snacks, cakes and healthy drinks for everyone. However, we only allow take-out only for  adults without kids. 

Kids Cafe Bangna

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Our cakes

and kid's snacks

Our cakes are mainly mini cupcakes, where you can try different flavors at a very affordable price. We have Nutella, Red Velvet, Carrot, and Brownie mini cupcake. We also have fresh watermelon and guava as daily organic fresh fruits. We also sell snacks from Peachy brand, which are full of natural sources of vitamins, omega, fruits and quinoa and flax-seed for kids and toddler.

Cafe for Family


Our cold drinks  

Our cold drinks  are all Low-Calories, which is made from Stevia sugar - low-fat – pearls not soaked in syrup. To give some examples, such as, Jasmin Green Tea – 0 Kcal, Thai Milk Tea - 49 Kcal, or Coffee Milk – 100 Kcal. We also offer refreshing cold-pressed juices , which includes Red Ruby Cold-Pressed Juice – 110 Kcal, Beta Glow Cold-Pressed Juice – 130 Kcal and Green Dream Cold-Pressed Juice – 110 Kcal. 

Cafe for kids Bangkok

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Our food menu

From our food menu, we offer several dishes from our partners in K Space Minimall. Our Japanese menu comes from Fightto Izakaya,such as Seared Salmon Salad or Salted Salmon Rice Bowl. A Vietnamese menu from the chain Bun Cha where President Barack Obama has enjoyed several dishes, such as Nham Nueng Roll, Vietnamese snacks, and Kids Fried Rice. From Café de Yum you can order Spicy Thai food, such as Noodle grass spicy salad, Spicy Corn Salad or Spicy pork sausage salad.

Restaurant for Kids

Vegetarian Food

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At Babble Space Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe Bangkok, Kids Cafe Bangna, Cafe for kids Bangkok, Cafe for Family, Restaurant for Kids. It’s a place for the little ones to play. We’ve created a fantastic play area, designed with babies, toddlers, and young children in mind. Please join us.