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You may have confidence in the services provided by Babble Space Kids Café. We place a significant emphasis on safety and hygiene.

Cleaning Policy

1. The cafe is cleaned every 30 minutes. 
2. Activate the air purifier to continuously eliminate viruses and PM 2.5 dust 
3. We disinfect daily with UV lights and ozone sterilization with 38 watts of light. 
4. Disinfectant is sprayed daily on the ball pit and toys to keep it clean. 
5. Prohibit customers from combining or relocating tables independently, because the cafe has arranged the tables in accordance with the number of families, We apologize for any inconvenience. 


If a family member has a cold, a runny nose, or a fever, please notify us via Line and refrain from using the service. 

Babble Space KidsCafe

99/3 K Space Minimall, Sukhapiban 2 Rd., Prawet, Bangkok 10250

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