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At Babble Space Luxury KidsCafe

Its a place for the little ones to play

We’ve created a fantastic play area over 150 Sq.m. , designed with babies, toddlers, and young children in mind. You can watch your little ones have loads of fun while you can relax with a drink and something to eat.

Kids Cafe Bangkok


We charge 300 THB for kids under 11 years old and THB 80  per adult. If you come after 5 pm., we are offering a 50% discount for kids.


We Offer

Toasting Drinks
Great healthy drinks and Delicious Food


Hot drinks, Cold-pressed juice, Low calories milk tea and coffee, and Delicious food from our partner in K Space Minimall, who make all the fresh food on site. We also offer toddler-friendly Finger-food and Healthy snack for kids over 1-year-old. We do not allow food and drinks from outside, except baby foods and mother milk.

Cafe for kids Bangkok

Expert Management

By Dr.Benz Choklap

Babble Space KidsCafe is managed by Dr.Benz Ratanaporn Choklap, Doctor of Education, from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States. We dedicate our passion for the early education programs for children and we believe that the best way to learn for kids, is by playing.

Cafe for Family

Support Groups
Support networks for new and expecting parents


We host some brilliant baby and toddler groups every week,  and updates on schedule can be found on our Facebook page. Please give it a  Follow, our Facebook Page  “Babble Space Kidscafe”.

Restaurant for Kids

At Babble Space Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe Bangkok, Kids Cafe Bangna, Cafe for kids Bangkok, Cafe for Family, Restaurant for Kids. It's a place for the little ones to play. We’ve created a fantastic play area, designed with babies, toddlers, and young children in mind. Please join us.