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Babble Space KidsCafe

Enter To Play, Leave To Discover

Kids Cafe Bangkok

At Babble Space KidsCafe

"We not just serve the coffee but we also serve the happiness"

Kids Cafe Bangna

คาเฟ่เด็ก Babble Space KidsCafe จัดงานวันเกิดเด็ก จัดงานวันเกิดลูก Private Party

Open From  09.30  to 18.15


  Price / 2 Hrs  .

Kids 300THB

(1-6 years) 


Baby under 12 months

100 THB

Adults 80THB

Just be Happy & Relax

Cafe for kids Bangkok

Kids cafe

Kid cafe

Kid cafe bangkok

Kids package

2400 THB/10 times 
2 hours each time

can use on weekday and weekend

1500 THB/10 times 
2 hours each time

can use only weekday 

no expiry date
can share with family and friends.


Kids Cafe Bangkok, Kids Cafe Bangna, Cafe for kids Bangkok, Cafe for Family, and Restaurant for Kids. It’s a place for the little ones to play. We’ve created a fantastic play area, designed with babies, toddlers, and young children in mind. Please join us.

คาเฟ่เด็ก Babble Space KidsCafe จัดงานวันเกิดเด็ก จัดงานวันเกิดลูก Private Party

Monthly Buffet Package

3000 THB for 1 month,

The package below for only 1 Kid

Can play as many times as you want

for 2 hrs. each time 

It can not transfer the right to others.


คาเฟ่เด็ก Babble Space KidsCafe จัดงานวันเกิดเด็ก จัดงานวันเกิดลูก Private Party
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We Are Babble Space Kids Cafe

The Trampolines
Babble Space Kids Cafe
At Babble Space Kids Cafe, we offer imagination, creativity, and kids' experiences.
With 150 square meters of indoor playgrounds, we bring kids’ fantasies to reality.
They can bounce around and build their strength with 2 giant trampolines that can hold up to 60 kilograms of weight. They can climb at the climbing section equipped with safety gears with the same grade used in fitness centers.

Babble Space คาเฟ่เด็ก

The Slide
Babble Space Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe also has
a 2-meter high slider for both kids and adults is installed.
The slider is reinforced with 6 steel frames that can withstand the weight of 2 adults and
2 kids at the same time.

Montessori Toys
Babble Space Kids Cafe

At Babble Space, we have varieties of Montessori Toys, up to 30 wooden sets of toys for kids to play with their parents.
The toys play in combinations of time, shapes, sounds, characters, and animals. We are certain that your kids will learn a lot from this station.

Pearl Balls
Babble Space Kids Cafe

In addition, this Kids Cafe has a ball pit that is filled with 5,000 pearl white balls for the children to enjoy while developing their muscular power and coordination.
The development and learning of children were primary considerations in the cafe's design.

Super clean

Babble Space Baby Cafe

Babble Space is a kids' cafe and is built on the idea, that If the mother is happy, the house will be happy. Children must be happy and well first. Therefore, this place is cleaned every 20 minutes. Toys will always be cleaned and kept in place so every customer who walks into our shop can feel safe not only in a hygienic way but also in a place with lots of fun and happiness.

Baby Zone
Babble Space Kids Cafe

Our Kids Cafe has a Baby Zone for parents with crawling babies to enjoy and relax with toys and soothing sounds and colors, perfect for child development.
We have provided storybooks made from fabric that are more resilient to tearing so you don’t have to worry.

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คาเฟ่เด็ก Babble Space KidsCafe จัดงานวันเกิดเด็ก จัดงานวันเกิดลูก Private Party
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The Kitchen
Babble Space Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe offers mock-up kitchen kits for kids to learn in the most realism as it is. The kids will feel like they are cooking with their parents in the kitchen. The kits contain electric stoves, a washing sink, fridge, ice-cream maker, coffee maker, flour mixer, and a variety of fruits. After cooking, they can serve their finished mock-up dish to the dining area, in the area are tea sets for the kids to relax with an afternoon tea party.

Play House
Babble Space Kids Cafe

With Playhouse in this kids Cafe, we bring a little house right in the cafe. In the house, there is a bed, a baby doll, a makeup table, a dining table, and a stroller to take the doll for a walk. We know that kids will try to mimic their parents' activities on their dolls, so, seeing your kids play in the playhouse will reflect their minds and thoughts. You see, this play is very beneficial

Mini Piano

Babble Space Kids Cafe
Discover your kids’ talent with the Mini Piano, a tuned piano for the kids to compose their masterpieces. Maybe there is a genius to be realized at the cafe. Next to that lies a Princess house for your kids to arrange the items in the house as they please. We might see a bright architect in Babble Space Kids Cafe sometimes.

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